Cottonmouth, North Carolina
Photograph by Jared Skye, 
"While working as a field researcher for a biodiversity study on pine plantations in North Carolina, I found this Agkistrodon piscivorus in a drainage ditch. It’s seen here displaying the classic defensive posture that gives it the common name “cottonmouth.”
National Geographic
Goodmorning Los Angeles.
Pools of Tide.
T H E  //  W E E K E N D
#tbt to being posted on my own little sandbar in the Exumas.
My grandma found my mom’s old Nikon FE from when she was in high school. Time to see if it still gets the shot after being in a closet for 33 years.

This weekend was all but a blur. Until next year ✌️ (at Not Coachella)
Crazy Kids…